Obama makes JAW-DROPPING statement about Sharia Law

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Welcome to Obama’s America, where combatting Sharia law is now un-American.

Following Newt Gingrich’s call to deport Muslims who believe in Sharia law, thus putting Trump’s Muslim ban on steroids, President Obama decided to weigh in on the matter.

To quote from the Daily Caller: On Friday, Obama called Gingrich’s plan to deport sharia-adhering Muslims in America “repugnant and an affront to everything that we stand for as Americans.”

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Speaking from the White House, Obama said, “We’re going to win this fight by building, by never giving up on diplomacy to end the Syrian civil war, by working with partners around the world, including Muslim communities to push back against hateful ideologies that twist and distort Islam, a religion that teaches peace and justice and compassion.”

If there are parts of Islam that are peaceful, they aren’t to be found in Sharia. You can read just a handful of the ways that Sharia conflicts with our Constitution in a brief report from the Center for Security Policy. To name just a few: Sharia calls for the killing of non-Muslims and apostates, while the Constitution guarantees religious freedom. Sharia criminalizes blasphemy, while the Constitution grants the right to free speech. Sharia prevents Muslims from criticizing an Islamic government, while the Constitution allows us to petition and voice our grievances.

Now, Obama would have a point in questioning the logistics of Gingrich’s plan, which would include “testing every person here who is of a Muslim background, and if they believe in Sharia, deporting them.” What would prevent Muslims from lying about their true beliefs knowing that confessing their adherence to Sharia would score them a deportation?

Regardless of the practicality of Gingrich’s idea, Sharia law itself is actually what’s un-American; protecting our Constitutional republic against it is not.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]
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