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Black teen holds up Trump sign near protesters; this happens immediately…

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Contrary to what the media may portray, Trump’s base of supporters is hardly a bunch of old white men (the one group liberals find it acceptable to be racist towards).

A sixteen-year-old black Trump supporter nearly caused a brain aneurysm when protestors realized who it was he supported. To no surprise, the protestors left their facts at home.

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An older man — donning a Black Lives Matter T-shirt — yelled at the teenager in the streets outside the presumptive Republican presidential candidate’s rally.

But the teen — who indicated he’s 16 in one of a number of videos taken during the fracas — seemed unfazed. He was accompanied by three white youths who also appeared to support Trump — given their unison chant of “T-R-U-M-P, we’re gonna trump Hillary!”

“Why would you support a racist?” the man hollered at the teen. “He’s gonna send you back to Africa, that’s what he said! You’re a disgrace to America, a young black man supporting a racist!”

Interesting – I think we all may have missed that particular (fictitious) Trump proposal.

When the topic of illegal immigration came up, the man insisted that Trump’s wife is an illegal immigrant since “she’s from Europe,” which made the teen and his friends chuckle.

It gets even dumber from there. One female anti-Trump protestor ironically accused the pro-Trump teenagers of being “brainwashed,” and told them to educate themselves. She failed to answer any questions related to her own education.

At another point, the man bearing the BLM shirt accused Trump’s father and grandfather of belonging to the “KK” – apparently not knowing the acronym for the infamous racist organization.

Watch the madness below:

I think it’s pretty clear who had the upper hand in this debate…

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