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Where’s Barry? New Air Force commercial has interesting omission [VIDEO]

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I was watching my Atlanta Falcons lose to the New York Giants yesterday — bad football weekend for me — and there was a TV commercial that caught my eye. It was for the U.S. Air Force and it is simply OUTSTANDING. The U.S. Air Force is bringing back its “Aim High” advertising slogan after a 15-year hiatus with the “I am an American Airman” recruiting campaign which launched in September. However, there was something noticeably missing from this incredible video – actually a somebody.

Apparently I wasn’t the only person who noticed it, as reported by the Tea Party News Network, “Watch this inspiring new Air Force commercial, which was published barely three weeks ago. It features four presidents, with excerpts of uplifting speeches about this crucial branch of America’s military. However, there’s one very recent commander-in-chief (CinC) who’s not in this new 30-second commercial, even though two out of the last three are featured. Can you guess which president is missing?”

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I can tell you that sitting there watching the ad, I was waiting for that final CinC to show up — and he did not. Now, was it a slight or could it be there’s just nothing inspirational to include from the missing president that would inspire young men and women to “Aim High?”

Heck, why’d you want to include a clip from the person who has degraded our U.S. Air Force to its smallest and oldest flying fleet? Regardless, you can bet General Valerie Jarrett has already called over to the Pentagon and demanded the commercial be dropped — before too many people get to see it. It would certainly be obvious if all of a sudden the advertisement were changed to include Barack Hussein Obama — but you know his glass jaw took a hit and his narcissistic character is fuming.

Enjoy the video before it’s pulled — hat tip to the U.S. Air Force, “We live for fame or die in flames, nothing can stop the U.S Air Force.” Off we go!
Uh oh: NFL might have to FIRE Kaepernick after this...

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