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What this Muslim illegal immigrant pulled off for 19 years will make your blood boil

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Hey folks, first let me say Merry Christmas — and it’s also our 26th wedding anniversary. Yep, with all my faults, failures, and shortcomings, Angela has kept me around and we have two wonderful girls, Aubrey and Austen. I thank God every day for the blessings of my family, especially as the world around us seems to become more dangerous with each passing day.

Which is why I need to share this video with you. It’s about 4 years old but the message is clear. We are allowing a very dangerous ideology to take root in our Western nations. And worst of all, we’re funding it.

This video is from Australia, but what it depicts is happening in England and as a result of the mass Al Hijra into Europe will manifest itself there even more.

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Originally from Algeria, Abdul Nacer Benbrika received welfare payments for over 19 years while at the same time plotting terror attacks with other Muslim extremists.

Benbrika was an illegal immigrant in Australia and was ordered to leave the country on three separate occasions. Despite the outstanding orders, he married an Australian Muslim woman and then won an appeal to remain in the country. During his 19 years on welfare, he never worked a single day and fathered seven children. It is estimated he cost Australian taxpayers in excess of $1 million in combined welfare benefits. He’s currently in jail.

The question is, how long before this becomes an issue in America…or has it already?

Today Angela and I will celebrate our wedding anniversary, thank God. I’ve had enough of remembering Islamic terror attack anniversaries.

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