US GDP up 0.1% — global terror up 40%. Business is booming somewhere.

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Wow, those insignificant junior varsity jihadists have sure been busy! In its report on global terror, the State Department reveals terrorist attacks increased by 40 percent in 2013. But no worries mon, they are on the run and decimated!

Highlights from the Annual State Department Global Terrorism Report include:

– A surge in the number of aggressive al-Qaida affiliates and like-minded groups the Middle East and North Africa poses a serious threat to U.S. interests and allies

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– There were more than 9,707 terrorist attacks around the world in 2013, resulting in more than 17,800 deaths and more than 32,500 injuries.

– Most of the attacks occurred in Afghanistan, India, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines, Somalia, Syria, Thailand and Yemen.

If you’ve got some time, it’s quite an interesting and disturbing report, which you can read here.

Maybe I should become a radio DJ because “the hits just keep on coming.” Yesterday we learned our Jan-Mar GDP growth was just one-tenth of a percent. But hey, in Obama Bizarro world, that’s just fine. Anyway, it’s those pesky, mean Republicans keeping Obama from moving forward with his agenda — thank God, or else GDP growth would probably be negative something.

And did you all catch the glorious performance by White House mouthpiece Jay Carney yesterday? It seems the emails in question, according to Carney, are not about Benghazi — even though the subject line says “Benghazi.” What a tangled web these incompetents have woven.

I think somewhere along the Kyle Petty cross-country route, I’m going to just let loose a war cry. I don’t know how much worse it can get, but there’s always tomorrow.
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