Allen B. West

My thoughts on Ferguson, Missouri

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In case you’re wondering what I think about the events unfolding in Ferguson, Missouri, well, I wasn’t there — and I’m not investigating the case.

But the incessant riots and looting needs to stop. There is no better way to lose the “moral high ground” than with rioting, looting and incitement to violence by New Black Panthers — I suppose they live by the Rahm Emanuel premise of “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

And the last thing needed is for the usual suspect, Al Sharpton, to show up and enflame the situation — guess there’s some financial benefit there for him.

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As for the release of the information on the police officer, the alleged shooter, ask yourself, with a riotous mob and the liberal media, would you want to have your family exposed to attacks of retribution? Unless the officer and his family are placed in protective custody, his name should not be released. Remember the mistaken couple in Sanford, Florida of whom Spike Lee posted their personal information and address?

There will be a coroner’s report and an investigation — but those results and the pain, agony and loss of another young black man will be drowned out by the violent opportunists.

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