Allen B. West

Why the racists cry “racism”

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Many in America believed the election of the first African-American president would be the cleansing of past sins this country has sought for so long. They believed we would enter into a “post-racial” period in America where we would all truly realize that anyone can achieve whatever greatness they desired.

But as I look back on the events of the past week there is one word that comes to mind: racist.

This week demonstrated the elevation of Barack Hussein Obama to the highest office in the land (twice!) was still not enough. It seems the achievement itself, which could not have been attained without white Americans, still falls short of the true desire, which was blind allegiance and submission.

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President Obama has shown he is not up to the standard of leadership for which Americans expect, but criticism of such is met with the retort of racism. Castigating people as racist just because they disagree with proven failed policies is simply despicable.

The objective is clear: to silence opposition and demean inquiry, but in the end it promotes intolerance and tyrannical behavior. Could it be this monumental historical moment is only a revelation, at the highest level, that affirmative action, –lowering standards for the false granting of opportunity — is indeed a failed and detrimental concept?

We have a first amendment right to “petition our government for redress of grievances” — that is a defined right — unlike a right to healthcare. Sadly, we are not in a post-racial America. Thanks to the increased use of the word racist, and hateful actions such as the “knockout game,” we have not just gone backwards, we are descending into a very scary abyss.

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