Question for black voters: Who has benefited more under Obama, blacks or gays?

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Given the outrageous display by the woman at the NAACP conference as she confronted black conservatives (watch the video here), it was quite fortuitous that I came across this poignant and prescient article that challenges popular thought. It was written for American Thinker by Patricia L. Dickson, who is a black Christian and military veteran.

Dickson writes, “When you support someone based on the color of his/her skin alone without examining his/her record and character, you cannot help but end up in a dilemma. When you cast aside your so-called Christian faith in exchange for the color of someone’s skin, you end up in a dilemma. Barack Obama does not care in the least about black Americans. With the President’s horrendous record on everything from the economy, healthcare, to foreign policy, black Americans are hoping that the historians rewrite history to make the falling first black president a success. However, the one thing that black Americans know that no historian can rewrite is that the first black president did more for the homosexual agenda than any president in history, and that is the dilemma.”

You can read the full article here. I hope you will.

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The question her article raises which is related to the NAACP video is are the values of the black community relative and flexible?” Did the black community violate its conscience and premise of Dr. King when he dreamed of a country where people were judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin? Is the black community willing to check its principles and values at the door when it comes to one of their own?

I find it so perplexing that blacks will viciously attack those of us who embody conservative values but accept the progressive socialist agenda of blacks even though it is completely antithetical to who we are as a community. Just look at the face, the anger, of that woman at the NAACP conference.

There is a moral dilemma in the black community and it will have to answer for the hypocritical actions of supporting color over character.
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