Obamacare lie #2: can’t keep your doctor either

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Good Monday morning America, and the day greets us to find yet another lie from President Obama: you don’t get to keep your doctor either.

It seems UnitedHealth sent out letters across some 10 states dropping doctors from their Medicare Advantage plans. As you recall, I live in South Florida and expressed my concern about Obamacare cuts to Medicare, but of course the scare tactics of the Left and their complicit media suppressed the truth.

When I carefully articulated the coming cuts to Medicare providers as part of this behemoth legislation, it mostly fell upon deaf ears. Instead, I and other conservatives was demonized as being the ones destroying Medicare. Remember the tv ad portraying a Rep. Paul Ryan lookalike pushing an elderly woman off a cliff? Seems the wrong image was used for the “pusher.”

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The amazing thing is that Americans — and seniors here in South Florida — refused the truth in exchange for being told happy things. I predict that by the end of the week, The Great Obama will just come out and wave his hand again and put the doctors back.

However, it’s just not that easy unless he restores the billions of dollars HE cut from Medicare Advantage, or maybe he views Medicare Advantage as a junk plan too?

So, where are all those Democrat representatives? What are they going to tell you now? Everyone is talking about the 39 Democrats who voted with the Republicans in the House of Representatives last Friday — trust me, this was just for political cover.

They were given permission from Mama Pelosi, playing Nurse Betty, and know that the bill will just join the stack of bills sitting on Harry Reid’s floor. At some point America must awaken and realize that the Democrat party is the home of progressive socialists and liars. The Republicans are fighting for this country, for the freedom and opportunity of every American. They are not as silver-tongued but as least they’re not lying. Their concern is genuine, as opposed to the feigned deceit of those who don’t believe you’re capable of deciding anything for yourself.

Here’s a frightening analysis of what else we have to look forward to from Terry Ponick writing for Washington Times Communities. Read it here.
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