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Under Obama, US debt up $6.666 trillion. Does that creep you out?

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Strange coincidence about our debt, if you ask me. According to CNS News, almost a year to the day from President Obama’s inauguration, the US debt has increased $6.666 trillion.

When President Barack Obama took office on Jan. 20, 2009, according to the latest numbers released by the Treasury Department, the debt of the U.S. government was $10,626,877,048,913.08, according to the Treasury Department’s Bureau of the Public Debt. As of Jan. 31, 2014, the latest day reported, the debt was $17,293,019,654,983.61—an increase of $6,666,142,606,070.53 since Obama’s first inauguration.

Yikes — just too many “6s” for my liking.

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Bear in mind, the total debt of the United States never exceeded $6.666 trillion until July 2003. So, in a little more than five years of the Obama presidency, the U.S. has accumulated as much new debt as it did in its first 227 years.

And what exactly has America gotten for this absurd increase in our debt? That is correct, Nothing — but increased poverty, food stamps, and the expansion of the welfare nanny-state. This is the “fundamental transformation” of America. Is this the “change we can believe in?” Nope, this is a nightmare and an abject failure to which we allowed ourselves to be sentenced. It’s a simple statistic, and I wonder how many will understand the dire fiscal situation in which Barack Hussein Obama — no one else to blame — has placed our Constitutional Republic.

Damn, this sucks!
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