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Obama commutes sentence of drug dealer; how about pardon for Behenna?

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President Barack Hussein Obama is on a roll with sentence commutations and pardons for drug offenders. Most recently, he felt compassion for a convicted drug dealer over a typo. As reported by UPI, “Proving the importance of proofreading, President Obama used the power of his office to commute the sentence of a prisoner who was serving an extra three-and-a-half years due to a typo. Ceasar Cantu, a convicted drug dealer from Katy, Texas, would have been forced to spend an extra 42 months in federal prison because of a clerical error.”

In 2006, Cantu pleaded guilty to drug trafficking and money laundering charges. According to sentencing guidelines, Cantu’s offense should have been a level 34, which comes with a mandatory 11-and-a-half year sentence, but administrators accidentally entered his level as 36 in the paperwork, landing him a 15 year sentence. Tuesday President Barack Obama commuted Cantu’s sentence to what it would have been under the sentencing guidelines had the typo not been made.

President Obama only granted one commutation during his first term, but this marks his tenth commutation during his second term, along with 52 presidential pardons while in office. In December, the president commuted the sentences of eight people convicted for crack cocaine, part of an effort to remove racial biasing from sentencing.

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I challenge President Obama, Commander-in-Chief, to read this letter from recently pardoned Army Lieutenant Michael Behenna and ask, what about him and these men he mentions? Why not give Michael Behenna a presidential pardon instead of wasting it on political cronies, drug dealers and such? It would take far less courage to grant Behenna and the L10 a pardon than the courage it took for them to deploy, fight, and now be betrayed by their own country.

If Michael Behenna is a convicted felon, what do you call a person who abandoned Americans to die in Benghazi, went to bed, and flew off to fundraisers? As we’ve said here before, the world is upside down.

So Mr. President and Ms. Wannabe President, “what difference at this point does it make?” It makes a lot of difference and we are watching. Man up, Obama! Pardon and release these American warriors. Heck, you released Ali Musa Daqduq, who killed five American Soldiers, remember? I sent you a letter about that, and am still waiting for response. Tell you what, I’ll call it even if you pardon Behenna, and release and pardon those other men.

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