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Message to detractors regarding my Benghazi commentary

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It seems my commentary posted here regarding Benghazi is drawing quite the interest — and ire of some. There are those who question my integrity and ability to provide a cogent analysis and assessment of the fateful events of September 11, 2012.

Today as I drove back home from Community Christian church services a thought came to mind. The same denigrating response occurred after I penned this commentary two days after the Ft. Hood terrorist attack in November 2009. I was called an Islamophobe, crazy, and a host of other names — typical of liberal progressives.

However, five years later I must ask, with whom do you agree — the cheeky fella currently occupying the White House who refers to the Ft. Hood terrorist attack as “workplace violence” or the assessment provided by yours truly 48 hours after the attack?

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Last week I was in Killeen/Ft. Hood Texas supporting legislation to recognize Ft. Hood as a terrorist attack so the victims and their families will receive the proper benefits — funny, I don’t see many progressive socialists — Democrats — supporting that measure.

And so I must inquire America, whom do you trust on Benghazi? The same fella who lied to you using a false narrative of an anti-Islam video and referred to it as a “phony scandal” or someone who has served in uniform on the battlefields of this Republic? But I suppose, five years from now I can pull up the Benghazi commentary I wrote 48 hours ago and say, “See, I told you so.”

So to all the liberal progressive socialist detractors and the useful idiots who continue to hang on Obama’s empty words, your comments mean nothing – in fact, y’all sound like the adults in Charlie Brown cartoons.

Truth prevails, regardless of who is willing to accept it – now, or later.
CAIR leader meets 12-year-old girl, and THEN...

CAIR leader meets 12-year-old girl, and THEN...