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Did he do it last night? Here’s MY take…

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The final debate is over – thank goodness!

First of all, kudos to Chris Wallace for doing a very good job moderating the debate — except for one point. I didn’t understand the question about accepting the results of the election some three weeks out. Why would you ask such a question when we have serious revelations about election fraud and voter issues, including instigation of violence?

The James O’Keefe Project Veritas videos should cause us all great concern, and I believe Donald Trump missed a great opportunity to hammer home that point, including the resignation of the two featured individuals in those videos.

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And for Hillary Clinton to make the allegation that Trump doesn’t respect our democracy? Well, that is such wild hypocrisy, because right now, many Americans are unsure of our electoral process integrity.

I think it’s hilarious the left is now accusing Trump of questioning American democracy. Gee, I had that same question when St. Lucie County reported voting precincts with over 100 percent voter turnout. And even Al Gore questioned the voter results…y’all remember the New Black Panthers at the voting precinct in Philadelphia? Yep, the progressive socialists have given us a pretty good reason to question our electoral integrity.

My assessment is that Hillary Clinton was very well rehearsed, but it’s still laughable that Mrs. Clinton wants to create some specter out of Russia and Vladimir Putin. After all, it was Hillary Clinton’s “reset button” that was the biggest foreign policy joke since Chamberlain’s signed document for “peace in our time.” I also find it amazing how Mrs. Clinton is able to deflect away from the corruption and deceit that’s quite evident and known. For example, I went back and checked on the $6 billion that was lost mainly during her tenure at the State Department…Mrs. Clinton said that had been “debunked”. Well, the origination of this “debunked story” was from a State Department IG report that detailed a case of “improper filing of contracts.”

Now, I must confess, Mr. Trump missed many an easy opportunity to slam the door on Mrs. Clinton but here are my key observation points:

– Hillary Clinton continues to remind us about the economy under her husband, who once stated, “the era of big government is over.” Mrs. Clinton continues to talk about big government spending items, paying for education, infrastructure, and other spending priorities. Her means to that end is that “she knows where the money is,” and so she advocates greater wealth redistribution schemes…and this course of action, as Wallace stated, has been tried with Barack Obama.

Obama’s stimulus was supposed to do all of this, but after nearly $1 trillion in government spending, we have GDP growth less than 2 percent. Clinton and Obama whine about inheriting a financial mess and disaster, well, Obama has only made it worse, and Clinton will further exacerbate this problem.

All you need know about Mrs. Clinton is she’ll add another tax bracket to the already punitive individual structure. And she increases the corporate/business tax rate along with instituting an exit tax to prevent corporate inversions, so why would anyone want to have their business in America? She also wants to lower the threshold on the death tax — and just how does that grow our economy and jobs? Mrs. Clinton talks about Obama’s cutting the deficits, but here is the whole story: when in your first four years, you run up deficits from $1 trillion to $1.4 trillion, sure, having deficits cut down to $600 or 700 billion seems great. But as a comparison, George W. Bush’s largest deficit in his years as president was around $260 billion.

– On the subject of the Supreme Court, the mission of the highest court in the land should not be about judicial activism based on implementation of ideological agendas. On the issue of abortion, it’s not about women’s rights; it’s about killing our unborn. Trump should have done a better job addressing Hillary Clinton’s position who once stated that abortion should be safe, legal, and rare — which was the original intent. It’s now a death industry, and Obama’s position on infanticide should have been used to put Clinton in a tough situation. We all want to support women’s reproductive health, meaning cures for ovarian, uterine, cervical and breast cancers, and care for fibroid tumors. But we need to ask ourselves if we should have, as the law of the land, wanton murder of our unborn as a means of birth control. And Hillary Clinton has talked about reversing Heller v DC, which would have detrimental effects on our Second Amendment rights.

– Hillary Clinton and the left have made a cottage industry out of blaming Russia for everything while she wants open borders and a no-fly zone over Syria. Obviously Hillary Clinton doesn’t understand that the Russians, Iranians and soon the Chinese are involved in Syria. And when asked about a potential aerial engagement between the U.S. and Russia, her response was that of acquiescence; we will have conducted negotiations prior. When you conduct negotiations from a position of not owning the high ground, you’re at a loss, and we’ve lost that high ground in Syria.

– I found it interesting that Hillary Clinton talked about how this election is about what kind of country we will be. If Hillary Clinton wins the presidency, it means we have seriously institutionalized criminality and criminal behavior at the highest level. We will have members of a cabinet that may be under investigation — well, not exactly, since we cannot trust our Department of Justice — but they’ll have immunity from criminal allegations. And hey, for the first time, we can have a president with their own private email server!

The bottom line is this, if you want the status quo establishment political elite class, then vote for Hillary Clinton.

In this final debate, the critical mission for Donald Trump was to convince people to vote FOR him. My assessment is that he didn’t achieve that objective…but Hillary Clinton gave more than plenty of reasons to vote against her, and the progressive socialist media, political, entertainment, cultural, and educational elites who are undermining our Constitutional Republic.

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