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John Burnett: Another black conservative liberals don’t want you to know

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Today many eyes are focused on the gubernatorial elections in New Jersey and Virginia. New York, the largest city in the nation and the bastion of capitalism, will also have an election today for its new mayor, and it seems the Big Apple is poised to elect an indisputable Marxist/socialist. As Mr. Spock would say, “fascinating.”

But there’s another interesting race I believe deserves the nation’s attention, for Comptroller of New York City. Let me introduce you to Mr. John Burnett who, if elected, would oversee some $135 billion in pension assets for New York City’s current and retired government employees as the city’s chief money man.

Of course, you probably haven’t heard a word abut him, because he’s a black conservative Republican.

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Burnett, 43, holds an undergraduate degree from New York University in Leadership and Management. He went on to earn an MBA from Cornell University while working at Merrill Lynch and McGraw Hill Financial.

Burnett has some serious professional chops, having held five financial-services industry licenses for financial adviser, portfolio management, state securities licensing, as well as the supervisory licenses to oversee financial advisors and portfolio managers. He’s worked at Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, and other top-drawer financial houses.

Regardless of the outcome, John Burnett has a very stellar future ahead. He is one to watch. I wish him all the best, and I also wish New Yorkers will make the right decision at the polls today.
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