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Here’s an American dreamer the president should honor

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You wanna know why I firmly believe America’s greatest days are ahead? Just meet young Cameron Hancock of Lock Haven, Pennsylvania and tell me our future doesn’t look bright. Unfortunately we don’t hear too often about the good ones like Cameron. Instead we hear about teens like the young lady in New Jersey who wanted to sue her parents.

At a time when the Obama administration is turning its back on our veterans and their health issues, Cameron is honoring them and planning a Celebrity Charity Softball game to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project and local veterans. Cameron is not being forced to do so, but rather chose to do it.

Here’s what he says on his website: “I am going to be a 2015 graduating senior and because of my family ties to the military (grandfathers, father, uncles, brother, brother-in-law and cousins), for my Senior Project, I am putting together a Celebrity Charity Softball Game to Benefit Wounded Warrior Project and local veterans. My goal is to give back to those who have given so much more, our wounded warriors and vets.”

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Cameron is honoring his family legacy of service, sacrifice, and commitment to our nation through military service. Funny thing — ya think Obama would ever have Cameron to the White House like he recently did illegal immigrant children praising their “contributions” to America? Of course not. Cameron is an American dreamer.

So, on August 23rd in Woolrich, Pa, this young man will bring his idea to fruition. I’m calling on the West Nation to get behind Cameron and make this a great day, not just for him and our veterans, but for America. Cameron Hancock embodies the character of a true American “Guardian of the Republic.” He is why this great Republic, the last best hope on earth, the government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall never perish from this earth.

Steadfast and Loyal, young man!
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