Allen B. West leaves 104,000 low-income folks out in the cold

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More bad news about the Obamacare rollout. Thousands of low-income consumers waiting for Medicaid coverage are “stuck in limbo” as a result of problems with

According to Kaiser Health News, an editorially independent program of the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation,

The website used by 36 states has been unable to transfer income and other data from applications to the state agencies that run Medicaid, the state-federal program for low-income adults, and the children’s insurance program. As a result, tens of thousands of applicants have been left in limbo – without coverage that was supposed to begin Jan. 1. State Medicaid officials in Texas, Florida, South Carolina, Arizona and Illinois say they have not been able to enroll anyone in Medicaid or CHIP (Child Health Insurance Program) directly from the website.

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Gee, if this is happening for Medicaid coverage, just imagine what it’s like for the millions of Americans who lost their insurance coverage and sought reprieve on

One of the major concerns for Obamacare was the backend process to ensure a complete processing of applications. Consumers were supposed to find out on if they qualified for Medicaid or CHIP or for subsidies to buy private insurance. If they were eligible, their applications would automatically be transmitted to state Medicaid agencies.

However continuing software problems mean that’s not happening. State Medicaid officials in Texas, Florida, South Carolina, Arizona and Illinois say they haven’t able to enroll anyone in Medicaid or CHIP directly from the website, and an estimated 104,000 are still awaiting for enrollment.

South Carolina Deputy Medicaid Director, John Supra, expressed his frustrations as his agency recently began testing a data transfer system with the federal government to receive applicants’ data from

He estimates it could take several weeks to reach everyone who has applied. “It was supposed to be a seamless and totally automated system for states,” Supra said. He said he doesn’t know how many started on the website and then came to the South Carolina’s Medicaid enrollment site.

So instead of President Obama attempting a political deflection today, he ought to come clean with the American people about solving his namesake crisis.

Today Obama will talk about “promise zones” –just more rhetoric – instead, he should address the lies and broken promises of Obamacare. How many Americans who believe they have healthcare coverage will go to a hospital, a doctor or a clinic and find out they’re not covered?

If there’s one thing the Obama administration does well it’s smoke and mirrors. The sad thing is the administration’s obvious disdain for the American people — especially for those they profess to care — is the one thing that’s perfectly clear.

In the fifth year of his presidency, Obama will once again rail against Washington DC. He fails to understand he is the Chief Executive Officer of the United States of America — he is Washington DC. It is the failure of his policies and his own belligerence in seeking to rule, rather than govern, which has resulted in a stagnant economy. Remember that Reagan at this time had GCP growth of 7.3 percent.

Only 2.1 million have signed up for Obamacare, against a stated goal of 7 million — and just how many have actually submitted payment and received a coverage card?

While Obama struggles with his failure and runs around the room throwing a tantrum, Rome is burning.

Seriously? Democrats now blaming BUSH for...

Seriously? Democrats now blaming BUSH for...

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WINNING: Trump just SMASHED a 37-year record