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Group pushing military for atheist chaplains. Pray tell, why?

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Oxymoron is defined as “a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction.” Here’s an example for you: atheist chaplains.

This morning Fox and Friends reported that the Military Order of Atheists are indeed meeting with Pentagon officials to push for “atheist chaplains.”

Now I thought the definition of an atheist was one who does not believe in God, the Creator, a higher spiritual being. I thought that atheism wasn’t a religion, just a personal preference — a choice. Chaplains exist to provide spiritual guidance and conduct services for their respective religious constituencies in the military. So why do atheists require a chaplain?

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Recently the same organization asking for chaplaincy, the Military Order of Atheists, demanded that no uniformed military chaplains be allowed to participate in the National Day of Prayer. So why should they care if they don’t believe in religion, prayer or God anyway?

If an atheist service member, who doesn’t believe in a spiritual being, requires counseling, why not just go to a military counselor? Are atheists now going to ask for a chapel or that the military provide them with a certified atheist “chaplain” to marry them? I must ask again, why does a group that doesn’t believe in religion want to have chaplains, a title completely associated with religion? Are we now saying that atheism, or non-belief, is actually a religion itself and an equal belief system?

Seems to me we’re just playing another game of political correctness with the US military instead of focusing on the real mission: fighting and winning combat engagements. Where does this end? What will be the next special interest demand?

It’s all confusing (but maybe not quite as confusing as transgender troops) and once again, a small special interest group ends up garnering a platform with the Pentagon leadership — don’t they have more pressing issues? I would prefer hearing that the Department of Defense will conduct an audit to expose wasteful spending. Like that’s going to happen.

Of course there will be the usual emotional outcry from liberal progressives and secular humanists, but can y’all just tell me why atheists need a chaplain?

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