Allen B. West

Frightening video: Hamas assembles and fires rockets in civilian area

Getty Images

I sure wish we didn’t have such lazy media who would never report something like this. Hat tip to this crew from NDTV who walked us through what we all know is happening: Hamas sets up rocket firing points from within civilian areas.

Now, let me give you a lesson on indirect fire. If Israel were to return fire to that point based on a radar acquisition, the bursting radius of a 155 mm artillery shell would be 50 meters. If the munition of choice were a missile from an aircraft, that bursting radius would increase due to the larger caliber. Kind of makes it tough to avoid civilian areas, since Hamas is firing right from the middle of them.

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I think we should send this to Jimmy Carter and tell him to go eat some peanuts.

I do hope the NDTV crew got out of Gaza before airing this video — you can bet the Islamic terrorists of Hamas and Islamic Jihad don’t appreciate it. But then again, Nancy Pelosi says they’re just misunderstood humanitarians.

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