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Folks, I’ve got just SIX days left before I…

As I sit here, we’re 6 days, 3 hours, 49 minutes, and 10 seconds from the departure of one President Barack Hussein Obama. In other words, next week when I sit down to pen a Saturday missive, there will be a new president of these United States of America.

This past week we were entertained for a final time by the farewell speech of President Obama…actually a final campaign rally. Now I know, the dear misguided liberal progressive socialists that love to troll this page say, here we go again…West is gonna criticize Obama.

Let me make this final assertion: I have no personal relationship with Barack Obama. I only sought to assess and analyze his policies, decisions, and comment on his character as it related to the previous. Yes, having been a career Soldier, I do find it disturbing that someone could abandon Americans to die in Benghazi in a combat engagement, flippantly go to bed, travel for a fundraiser, and lie about the nature of the Islamic jihadist attack, all with a straight face. Having met the widow and orphaned son of former U.S. Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, I cannot and never will forgive Barack Obama for what can only be defined as despicable and deplorable.

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And I would question anyone who doesn’t feel the same way. But hey, I suppose since I’m black, and Obama is…well, half black, I’m supposed to fawn all over him. My apologies, but that’s not how Buck and Snooks raised me.

So, instead of me saying anything, I shall allow someone who perhaps, to those on the left, has more credibility.

I shared the stage with Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz at the Times Square rally against the Iranian nuclear deal. He and I were guests for the Greg Gutfeld Show. What I thoroughly enjoy and respect about Professor Dershowitz is that yes, he is a liberal Democrat, but he has firm foundational principles that are uncompromising.

He’s stated that if Rep. Keith Ellison becomes the Chairman of the Democrat National Committee (DNC), he will resign his membership. He’s sat in with President Obama and voted for him. He supported and endorsed Hillary Clinton and voted for her. Professor Dershowitz is a secular Jew, but we have a shared passion: Israel. And just to be clear, he is not a Trump fan. As a matter of fact, Dershowitz is challenging the appointment of President-elect Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner — also Jewish — to a position in the White House.

But his recent commentary titled, “Obama’s Mid-East Legacy is Tragic Failure”, found in The Algemeiner is the topic of discussion for this writing. And it’s spot on. Here is a sample:

“The Middle East is a more dangerous place after eight years of the Obama Presidency than it was before. The eight disastrous Obama years follow eight disastrous Bush years during which that part of the world became more dangerous as well. So have many other international hot spots. In sum, the past 16 years have seen major foreign policy blunders all over the world, and most especially in the area between Libya and Iran, that includes Israel, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey and the Gulf. 

With regard to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, the Obama policies have made the prospects for a compromise peace more difficult to achieve. When Israel felt that America had its back – under both President Clinton and Bush 43 – they offered generous proposals to end settlements and occupation in nearly all of the West Bank.

Tragically the Palestinian leadership – first under Arafat and then under Abbas – did not accept either the Barak-Clinton offers in 2000-2001, nor the Olmert offer in 2008. Now they are ignoring Netanyahu’s open offer to negotiate with no pre-conditions. In his brilliant book chronicling the American-Israeli relationship – “Doomed To Succeed” – Dennis Ross proves conclusively that whenever the Israeli government has confidence in America’s backing, it has been more willing to make generous compromise offers, than when it has reason to doubt American support.

President Obama did not understand this crucial reality. Instead of having Israel’s back, he repeatedly stabbed Israel in the back, beginning with his one–sided Cairo speech near the beginning of his tenure, continuing through his failure to enforce the red-line on chemical weapon use by Syria, then allowing a sunset provision to be included in the Iran deal, and culminating in his refusal to veto the one-sided Security Council resolution, which placed the lion’s share of blame on the Israelis for the current stalemate. 

These ill-advised actions – especially the Security Council resolution – have disincentivized the Palestinian leadership from accepting the Netanyahu offer to sit down and negotiate a compromise peace. They have been falsely led to believe that they can achieve statehood through the United Nations, or by other means that do not require compromise.

Obama’s failure to carry out his red-line threat against the Syrian regime’s use of chemical weapons has weakened American credibility among its allies and adversaries alike. It has created a vacuum of power that Russia was quick to fill. Turkey, too, has flexed its bullying muscles, as its irascible and egomaniacal leader has used the excuse of ISIS to go after another American ally, the Kurds, who have at least as strong a claim to statehood as do the Palestinians. 

America’s traditional allies in the mid-East – Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Jordan – have all been weakened by the Obama policies, most especially by the Iran deal. America’s traditional enemies – Iran, Syria and Hezbollah – have been strengthened, along with Turkey. Terrorism has increased and moved northward to Europe, partly as a result of the Syrian crisis. ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Taliban – and other terrorist offshoots – thought weakened, remain a serious threat to regional stability and to civilians.”

You can read the full commentary here. However, these are all points we’ve expressed here consistently in an effort to point out to you, our readers, that this is about factual analysis…not “fake news.”

This has never been about anything other than presenting the truth about what’s happening, not just in the Middle East, but elsewhere. I recommend to y’all that sometime between now and the inauguration, you go back and watch the 2009 Obama Cairo University speech, as that set the conditions for the demise we’ve witnessed over the past eight years in the region.

And as Professor Dershowitz stated, it ended the Friday before Christmas with UN Security Council Resolution 2334. Obama’s foreign policy vision was to “pivot” from the Middle East, but in essence that — and the theme of “don’t do stupid [email protected] — has brought us to the point. A vacuum was created, and darkness truly filled the void.

Professor Dershowitz is not some “alt-right” commentator. He’s not part of some “right-wing conspiracy.” He is an astute man with whom I may disagree on certain domestic policies, but with whom I have complete agreement when it comes to foreign policy and national security.

And in the era when we always hear about “bipartisanship,” it would appear to me that we can all agree Obama has been a failure when it comes to our foreign policy, national security and defense.

We should all be able to agree that there are two categories of enemies facing the United States; non-state, non-uniform unlawful enemy combatants aka Islamic jihadists/terrorists, and Islamo-fascism and state belligerents — Russia, Iran, China, and North Korea. We should all want to have a strong and credible foreign policy backed up by a capable deterrent military force that isn’t focused on nation-building but rather strike operations to deny our enemies sanctuary and strategic advancement.

Yes, a strong black constitutional conservative and a secular Jewish liberal Democrat can find common ground. And I would gladly, and be honored to stand beside Professor Alan Dershowitz on this issue — who wouldn’t?

And I’m quite sure we can all agree, or I would hope that we could, that abandoning Americans to die is unacceptable and not in keeping with the standards of honor, integrity, and valor that define us as Americans. You may ask, what difference does it make? Very simply we MUST never again let our men and women in uniform, those deployed in harm’s way, to ever stand alone in a far away land against the enemy. And folks, that means our best ally, the only true democracy in the Middle East, Israel, cannot be abandoned to the wolves that surround her.

We were the first nation to recognize the modern-day Jewish State of Israel. Let us uphold that commitment, and maintain our character. That is truly the real failure of Barack Hussein Obama, the man who was given a Nobel Peace Prize based on what a group of elitists thought he would do. I think Professor Dershowitz would argue the award should be returned.

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