Allen B. West

Destabilizing Libya: Another Obama “Success Story”

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Remember last year when President Obama leaned over to then Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and confided in him that he would have more “flexibility” in his second term? I found it absolutely amazing that there were those at the time who considered Obama skilled at foreign policy. Seriously? Many have forgotten Obama’s brilliant vision of “pivoting away from the Middle East.” Now we see that Obama has successfully destabilized another country for the Muslim Brotherhood: Libya. Meanwhile, Egypt is embroiled in a bloody civil, sectarian conflict thanks to Obama emboldening radical Islamists with his Cairo speech, and endorsing a Muslim Brotherhood government under Mohammed Morsi.

Now Libya has lost any possible hope for a future advancing individual liberty. It has become a lawless country where the Muslim Brotherhood leader can openly defy the Prime Minister — a Prime Minister who was abducted by radical Islamist militia.

We still have made no positive advances in ascertaining what happened to the four Americans in Benghazi last year, abandoned by our government to be killed – or in “Obama speak,” a “phony scandal.” And yes Mrs. Clinton, it does make a difference because it demonstrates first a lack of foreign policy vision and even worse, reveals a President and an administration disturbingly comfortable empowering Islamic totalitarians in the Middle East.

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This is not leading from behind. This is surrender… or perhaps all part of the grand plan.

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NEW Wikileaks dump on election meddling, only THIS time...